TAM’s production of small metal hardware

Machining of steel, carbon steel, non-ferrous alloys and plastics using advanced tools

Our offer is the supply of finished details, ready for installation and complete with thermal treatment and surface galvanisation. in addition to all the traditional machine-tools required for production, TAM S.r.l. – Torneria Automatica Magentina – has a pool of machinery with highly efficient units consisting of:

Cam-operated automatic lathes
Rolling machines
Sliding headstock CNC lathes
Fixed headstock lathes CNC
Machining centre
Secondary lathes

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TAM S.r.l. – Torneria Automatica Magentina is able to machine the following materials:

High speed steel
Stainless steels (austenitic – ferritic – martensitic – fuplex)
Non-ferrous alloys (brass – aluminium – bronze)
Carbon and alloy steels
Plastics (Delrin – nylon – PVC – Teflon)

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